Get big savings on a Nest Cam and a Nest Hub in the John Lewis January Sales

Google Nest Cam Outdoor and Google Nest Hub
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There's a lot to like about the Google Nest series of devices: they're polished, they're reliable, and they can all be controlled via a chat with Google Assistant on your phone or on your smart speaker.

Now you've got even more of a reason to go Google with your next smart home purchase, because John Lewis is knocking £59 off the price of a Nest Cam Outdoor and a Nest Hub when you buy them both together – if you're looking for a bargain in the January Sales, this could be the one.

The Nest Cam Outdoor will keep a careful eye on your property, enabling you to view a live feed and get motion detection alerts on your phone at any time, wherever you are in the world.

The Nest Hub (previously known as the Home Hub), meanwhile, is a compact 7-inch smart display that brings you all the magic of Google Assistant and a screen – you can watch YouTube videos, control your other smart home devices, get weather reports, and much more besides.

We'd advise you to act fast if you don't want to miss out: buying these two gadgets separately would set you back £208, but from John Lewis they'll cost you just £149. Of course the two devices work very well together too.

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Google Nest Cam Outdoor and Google Nest Hub | £208 £149 at John Lewis

Google Nest Cam Outdoor and Google Nest Hub | £208 £149 at John Lewis
Protect your property, control your smart home, access all the features of Google Assistant, and more besides with this bundle deal on the Google Nest Cam Outdoor and the Google Nest Hub... you can save £59 at John Lewis now.

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