Top five things missing from E3 2014

E3 2014
There's always next year

With E3 over, we realized there was a lot to love and a lot to hate, and not everything we wanted showed up to wow us this year.

There were definitely games we had fun playing like Evolve, Dragon Age Inquisition and Battlefield Hardline, plus there's Sony's PlayStation TV to look forward to in the fall, but there are still a few things that could have made the show much more satisfying.

Take a gander at our list below for things we wished were at E3 2014, or check out our video for the quick version.

Here's hoping next year will be a bigger, blockbuster year filled with all those delayed games - and maybe, just maybe more new hardware.

1. Aren't there 15 Steam Machines?

Well, we finally played on an actual Steam Machine - Alienware's Alpha Steam Machine. However, it's still technically not finished and the Steam Controller, along with the final version of SteamOS, are still delayed until 2015.

But it was good enough to play on, so where the heck are the others?!

Last we checked, there were 13 official Steam Boxes, and then Asus recently announced two more making it a total of 15. With that many outed, there has got to be at least more than one working prototype ... right? Or are they all just empty, pretty boxes? Are we going to see another Oculus Rift scenario where we'll have to wait years to actually get one?

2. Microsoft, let's get real with virtual reality

So there's Oculus Rift. Then there's Sony's Project Morpheus. Where's Microsoft's VR device? OK, to be fair, it's been hinted at before. But then again, it could all just be meaningless bones thrown out to content the mob.

E3 had a general lack of virtual reality buzz compared to GDC 2014 but that doesn't mean interest has waned. New games and demos are constantly being released, more crazy VR contraptions are popping out and yet, it all has remained silent on the Microsoft VR front.

Maybe the team is pulling an Apple iWatch moment and biding its time to see what does best, then will come out of the woodwork to seize all of the glory on the failed prototypes before it.

Or maybe it's just going to stick with the Kinect.

3. Fallout 4, where you at?

Oh Bethesda. We love your games. We love Skyrim. We're OK with Elder Scrolls Online. The Evil Within looks decent despite being last-gen. Battlecry has potential.

But everyone's clamoring for some Fallout 4. We were kind of hoping there would be an "OMG NO WAY" moment at E3 and that it would be the announcement or tease of Fallout 4. Yet nothing of the sort happened.

Maybe next year?

4. A Wii U price drop, please and thanks

We all know Nintendo is a favorite. It's the epitome of childhood and right up there with all things classic, complete with the old-timey nostalgic feels.

But you'd be a fool to not see that the company is tanking. For all its secrecy and high-horse mentality with its games, Nintendo needs a serious economic boost.

It's E3 Digital Event was certainly polarizing and had people either crazy excited or feeling deflated. Some good games were actually revealed (and some we don't even care about to remember but alas, that happened for all the press conferences, honestly) though what we wanted to see most was a Wii U price drop.

From our perspective, the small selection of interesting games and lack of platforms to play them on means the current and expensive hardware price needs to change.

5. Stop being a square, Square Enix

Last year's Sony' press conference promised another Kingdom Hearts. Square Enix did not deliver. There was also no word on a new Final Fantasy.

There were a lot of missing games and these were simply a few more that we really wished had some sort of showing during E3.

Bonus missing item:

Still no Half-Life 3.