Sony's PS4 VR headset could blow Oculus Rift out of the water

Sony's PS4 VR headset could blow Oculus Rift out the water
Come on, Sony, we know you're hiding it somewhere

Evidence of Sony's PS4 virtual reality headset is beginning to mount up.

First came word of the HMD's existence from an inside source last year. Then a key Sony exec said that he'd heard a VR helmet was in the works.

Now, another source has come forward to Road to VR and claimed to have tried Sony's HMD. The source is completely unverified, so there's no guarantee that any of this is true. Got that? Ok, continue.

According to the unnamed insider, Sony's headset has a field of view to rival the Oculus Rift's first iteration but with a "much higher resolution".

The HMD apparently sports two glowing orbs, which it uses along with a camera (we're assuming the PS4 camera) to track the user's head movement.

Sony likes to move it, move it

Things get a little more interesting in the next bit. The source also claims that he or she attended Valve's recent Steam Dev Days where they took Valve's own headset out for a spin – and found that it was very comparable with Sony's.

That's interesting because Valve's prototype is reportedly even better than Oculus, although it's just a concept product unintended for market – likely because it would be too expensive.

Sony's, on the other hand, would assumedly be for consumers and therefore a potential threat to Oculus Rift if it really is this good.

But bear in mind that Sony would likely be releasing its HMD for the PS4 while the Rift is going for PC players so the chances are it still won't be a direct rival.

Finally, the source said that Sony had intended to reveal its headset by now, but technical issues have held it back.

Hugh Langley

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