PS4 Oculus Rift rival in the works as Sony announces head mounted display

Whether or not you think virtual reality is the way forward, it's showing no signs of retreat. Quite the opposite in fact.

Today Sony announced its third generation head mounted display, the HMZ-T3W, which displays the equivalent of a 750-inch display viewed from 20 meters away - right in front of your face. The glasses can also put out 7.1 virtual surround sound.

The headset will connect to PCs, mobile devices and consoles via WirelessHD with near-zero latency playback, we're told.

As for pricing, it's coming in at £1,300 (about $2020/AU$2238) and will be available this November. We've contacted Sony for specific US details and will update when we know more.

We couldn't help but notice that Sony mentions consoles - and then things get even more interesting...

CVG has learned that Sony is also working on a virtual reality device specifically for the PS4. Yes, Oculus Rift spoke and Sony listened: it looks like this will be the final part to form the PS4.


It's reported that Sony was meant to show the headset off at Gamescom but things went a bit wrong at the last minute, so it will now announce it at the Tokyo Game Show this month. The VR headset will then go on to be released next year.

Evolution Studios is also currently integrating the device for a cockpit view in the upcoming PS4 exclusive Drive Club, according to the same reports.

As you may well know (but in case you didn't) Sony has been toying with head mounted displays for some time - it announced the HMZ-T1 Personal 3D Viewer at IFA 2011.

But it's an area that's always struggled to take off. But since Oculus Rift, interest in VR has rocketed. Sony's taking the opportunity to pounce.

Hugh Langley

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