PS3's Vidzone is world's biggest music video streaming app

Music video streaming app is massive success on PlayStation 3

According to Sony, the music video streaming app for PlayStation 3 is the biggest of its kind in the world.

Vidzone's creators have been celebrating the massive success of the video service, which has been downloaded over two million times and has served over 200 million videos since it launched six months ago.

Not as big as YouTube yet

"VidZone is officially the biggest dedicated music video streaming application in the world," said Ben Creasey, head of VidZone production.

Adrian Workman, CEO of VidZone, added: "Thank you all for making VidZone into a monster of service in just 6 months! Maybe we'll be bigger than YouTube by Dec 2010 and living in the Bahamas. I think I love you more than I love money. YES, all 2m of you."

VidZone apologised to users back in September 2009 after a bug led to "an increasingly frequent and increasingly annoying" amount of ads being served to users.

Via Edge