Peter Molyneux's top five games of all time

Peter Molyneux's top five games
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Peter Molyneux is such an icon when it comes to making games that it's easy to forget he really likes to play them too.

So with that in mind we wanted to know: if he was stranded on an island with just five games, which five would they be?

This is TechRadar island of course with a power supply, a screen and every console ever built. Handy, that.

So Peter, take your pick...

World of Warcraft

"It was one of my first experiences with mass multiplayer games. Although I felt slightly dirty playing it and throwing so much of my life away, I still think it was a brilliant title.

"Some of the little things that go unnoticed in World of Warcraft - expanding your motivation and putting things out there which incentivise you over months rather than hours - were so inspired."

Clash of Clans

"What they've done is genius, really. It's the first I've played where I've actually wanted to spend money. I know a lot of the industry turn their noses up at things like Clash of Clans but it's a brilliantly balanced title.

"And just the very fact that when I go to the school and pick up my son, I see all the parents in cars and they're all Clash fans. And that was an impossible thought a few years ago."

Half-Life 2

"There's been a lot of talk about The Last of Us and the thing about The Last of Us is that it shows you can use charactetrs to make a game feel ten times better.

"But I would choose the Half-Life series. I'd go Half-Life 2 on PC over that. I think that was the real birth of character-led gaming. And even though it's years old now, it hasn't aged at all."

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

"I just feel it's jaw-dropping and its use of the hardware was brilliant. And I've played that game through several times."


"It wasn't a hugely successful title but it was another brilliant artistic, beautiful game. I still don't think that's been surpassed for the all-encompassing atmosphere of the game. It was one of the first games where you didn't run around shooting things but you had to care for this little girl, Yorda

"If you can make someone care about something, that is going to be so much more of an experience."

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