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One Bejeweled game is sold 'every four seconds'

Bejewelled: one copy sold every 4 seconds
Bejewelled: one copy sold every 4 seconds
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Dave Bishop of online games outlet PopCap has disclosed Bejeweled's incredible success story in a talk at the Develop conference.

Over 50 million copies of the gem-matching game have been sold across all formats, and it's now one of the top ten best-selling game franchises of all time, selling a copy every 4.3 seconds.

Bejeweled is now available across most platforms, from PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360, to iPod and iPhone.

Not bad considering Bejeweled was valued at just $60,000 in the year 2000 and at the time no publisher was interested in it.

Facebook Blitz

PopCap's Facebook version, Bejeweled Blitz has over 25 million users and three million players every day.

It wasn't always so easy; PopCap initially had no way of making money from the game but now it doesn't seem to have that problem considering it now has one of the biggest game franchises ever.

PopCap is also behind the incredibly popular and worryingly addictive game Plants vs Zombies.

A sequel to Plants Vs Zombies looks set to be on the cards, with PopCap teasing us all with news that something is happening 2 August with the game.