Mad Catz bets on official Rock Band instruments

Third party gaming peripherals specialists Mad Catz is putting a considerable amount of its resources behind EA's forthcoming Rock Band 2 game later this year, aiming to create bespoke instrument game controllers for the real hardcore wannabe musicians.

Mad Catz is set to unveil a selection of new and upcoming accessories and products officially licensed for use with Rock Band 2 at this month's Games Convention, taking place at the Leipziger Mess Exhibition Center on Aug 18-22

Stefan Wöger, Managing Director for Saitek Germany commented. "The annual Games Convention has become a key European event for any individual working within the gaming industry and a show that we are proud to support."

Most important license

Mad Catz are putting the vast majority of its development resources behind the Rock Band franchise, with a rep telling TechRadar that "it's easily the biggest range and most important license we have ever worked on.

"Our license is to produce premium Rock Band and Rock Band 2 accessories meaning that every product we release in the range will be bigger, badder and better than the official."

Mad Catz are also the only third party guys licensed to produce a Bass Guitar for Rock Band 2 as well as also producing the official cymbol add-ons (pictured) for the full, hardcore drumming experience in Rock Band 2.

In addition to all this, they have the official Fender license and have been commissioned to produce the beautiful strictly limited full size wooden Fender Strats and bass guitars as part of the deal.

Check out the pics right here and, well, just drool.

Adam Hartley