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Hideo Kojima reveals why he's been travelling the world


Hideo Kojima has found the technology that will power his next game.

Kojima's first post-Konami game will use a third-party engine, he has revealed, but we don't yet know which one.

After he "left" Konami, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima went on a world tour visiting studios like Crytek, Guerrilla and Media Molecule.

All we knew at the time was that he was searching for something, but now we know that "something" was a new game engine.

Speaking to an audience at Nordic Game 2016, Kojima revealed that the first game to be made by his independent studiom, Kojima Productions, will use a third-party engine - although he didn't disclose which one.

Snake on a plane

Koj said he believes it's better to make games using internal tech, but doing so would mean his first title - a PS4 exclusive - would take a lot longer to surface.

"Because I want to release it to the people who are waiting for it, for that title we are going to use a third-party engine," said Kojima. "The reason I am travelling the world is that I am looking for such technology to use"

Kojima also revealed that the first game will be bigger than he first envisioned, following conversations on his travels.

"At the beginning I was thinking to make a small title, but after that I met friends worldwide and acquaintances, and they said no, everybody's expecting you to make a big title, just a change of direction.

"So the first title coming from me will be a big title".

You can watch the whole interview here: