HoloLens, Xbox streaming, and GTA rampages

Week in Gaming

If last week belonged squarely to Nintendo and its gaming announcements then this week is property of Microsoft. Its big Windows 10 livestream contained plenty of exciting news for Xbox fans and non-believers alike, if you could sit through all the other slightly boring parts.

By far the most exciting thing was the announcement of HoloLens – Microsoft's answer to the VR/AR trend and potential rival to Sony's Project Morpheus and the Oculus Rift. Don't get confused by the name though, there aren't any projected holograms here. Instead the HoloLens overlays images on whatever you are looking at, so you can build a Minecraft environment around your living room, making it even more like Lego but without the mortal danger of stepping on a piece barefoot.

Like most VR/AR/hologram projects the HoloLens won't be on your face for a while, but when it does arrive we hope it won't be as expensive as Google Glass, and that it'll stick around for longer.

In more tangible news, Windows 10 devices (laptops, desktops and tablets) will be able to stream Xbox One games so long as they are on the same Wi-Fi network. That means you could play Halo: The Master Chief Collection in bed without moving your TV and console from the living room.

This is good news if you live in a divided household that's caught up in the console war – one of you can play PS4 and the vastly inferior Destiny downstairs, while the clearly superior human plays Halo upstairs, without the need for a second TV or moving your costly consoles around. You'll also be able to cross-platform play online, so you won't have to worry about friends who are streaming on their PCs.

Game of Game of Thrones

TellTale has confirmed the release date for the second episode of its amazing Game of Thrones game. Titled The Lost Lords it will be released February 3 on Steam, PS4 and PS3, February 4 on Xbox 360 and Xbox One and February 5 on iOS and Android. If you're a fan of the books or the TV show (or both) then this game is a must play. In true Game of Thrones style it will have you shouting at your TV from the start and I'd put money on it making you cry. You also get to experience an excruciating wait between episodes, and if there's one thing fans of George R R Martin's series enjoy it's waiting.

If you still haven't watched Game of Thrones then it's time you came out of your cave. Seriously, just watch it, play this game, then come back and thank me in the comments.

ESO used be an adventurer like you...

This may be the least shocking news of 2015, and it's still only January: Elder Scrolls Online is removing its subscription options in favour of a Guild Wars 2 style buy-to-play option. But really, we all knew this was coming. The game hasn't quite lived up to the hype and they did take away the 6-month subscription plan in December, which was definitely a sign of things to come.

If I was a fan of ESO I'd be feeling very worried about the future of this MMO right now. Luckily my soul belongs to World of Warcraft. And by luckily I mean, please god someone help me with my WoW addiction.

It wouldn't be a week in gaming without a bit of Nintendo news. This week Nintendo announced that it will be closing Club Nintendo and starting up a new rewards system. Club Nintendo will be phased out in three stages, starting April 1 this year. So if you want novelty golf balls, a keyring or a Nintendo blanket now's the time to spend those hard earned stars.

Also for Nintendo fans, here's a custom Amiibo of Villager in his true form: axe murdering psychopath (aka young Patrick Bateman). If you want to turn your Villager Amiibo into a similar vision of terrifyingly cute horror then you can buy a tiny axe for him here.

Week in Gaming

Just look at that adorable, blood splattered face [Credit: DeviantArt User ChibiSilverWings

Talking of gleeful murder sprees, look at this video of some oldies playing Grand Theft Auto 5. It's hilarious. GTA is truly the great leveller – no matter your age or gender we all become maniacs when faced with an open world environment, a gun and zero consequences. Scary and yet quite comforting.