PS Vita getting PSOne back catalogue this summer

PS Vita getting PSOne back catalogue this summer
Turn your PS Vita into a PSP. Er...

The PlayStation Vita is being opened up to a bit of old-school gaming, with news that PSOne titles will be made available after a firmware update.

Sales of the PS Vita have been slow and steady for Sony but the company will be hoping that by looking to the past they can secure the Vita's future.

According to a Japanese press release, PSOne titles will be ready for download when firmware version 1.8 is released into the wild this summer.

Classic games

Once this is installed, the PS Classics store will be opened for business and PSOne and a few PSP games will be available.

PSP games on the next-gen Vita, eh? Not sure this is the best use of the Vita's processing power but they will be ready for download for those who pine for the not-very-old-school handheld.

At the moment, it is not known when the 1.8 update will come to the UK and US, but considering it will be released in Japan in the summer, it will surely come this way soon.

Alongside the Vita getting a Cassics update, the PS2 Game Archives will be opened up to all PS3s as of July 25. Although most of Europe already has the PS2 Game Archive, it has yet to launch in Japan and will come with Resident Evil: Code Veronica, Kessen, Contra: Shattered Soldier, Dragon Force and Siren.

There's also reports that a number of PlayStation Plus games are finally becoming compatible with the PS Vita – something that was promised at launch but has only just started to become a reality.

Via: Joystiq

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