Fish play Street Fighter, Half-Life 2 shows great VR potential, and, err, Beyoncé: Two Souls

I woke up like dis

Had David Cage got a bit more filthy when that liquor got into him, Beyond: Two Souls could have been the Beyonce game we all know he was born to make. But never fear - it looks like someone else has stepped in to make the dream happen.

Or at least that's what this Beyoncé: Two Souls teaser site would seem to suggest - this week it popped up with a teaser trailer and a link to a countdown on Paranoia Games' web page.

Ok, it's clearly some sort of elaborate joke (who the hell are Paranoia Games anyway?), but a small part of us lives in hope for some sort of David Cage/Dance Central mashup. Just pause to let your head wrap itself around that concept.

Strangely, some staff from developer Naught Dog were among the first to follow Paranoia's Twitter account, which is why we're keeping half an eye on it. Whatever the deal, we're pretty intrigued/terrified to see what's revealed on September 1.


In more serious gaming news from the last week, two fish started playing Street Fighter 2. Inspired by Fish Plays Pokemon, this technological marvel, courtesy of Andrew Hill, has been keeping Twitch (and us) occupied for the past six days.

Things got even more surreal when one of the fish, AG Aquarius, was elected to 'pro gamer' with a sponsorship deal from Always Godlike.

Poor Robert the Bruce is still unsponsored at the time of writing (we've offered ourselves) but hopefully some other professional gaming outfit can step in and give him the recognition he deserves - especially as he's now ranked no 1.

Vision quest

If you want any evidence that virtual reality is here to stay this time, have a watch of this Half-Life 2 Oculus Rift playthrough.

YouTuber Goldfish paired motion controls with the game's training mode, equaling one of the most impressive, immersive VR experiences we've seen to date.

Hacking things with crowbars, lobbing grenades, and (most impressively) reloading a revolver by going through all the real motions - skip to 6:55 to see what we're talking about.

Oh, and speaking of cool techy videos, check out this clip of Unreal Engine 4 looking insanely lifelike and then tell us what's real anymore.

Maybe it's time to build that gaming PC you always wanted...

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