You can now stream PS4 games to your PC

PS4's upcoming update will make group gaming and PC/Mac remote play a breeze

Update: Aaaaaand it's live. You can now grab the PS4's 3.5 update, which adds Remote Play streaming to PC and a bunch of new social tools. You can read the details below.

Original story below...

PS4 owners will have to make sure they can connect to PSN tomorrow, as the console's 3.5 update is set to launch with a list of new tools built for playing in groups, on your own, or even on a computer.

Codenamed MUSASHI, the PlayStation update detailed in Sony's blog puts a spotlight on how you can interact with your friends list – or stay private, in some cases.

Getting a group together to play will be less of a headache, thanks to an event creation tool that lets you schedule your own games, invite players and schedule specific times for everyone to join in. Imagine it like a Facebook Event for games.

The PS4's upgraded notifications will also let users know whens friends come online, or they can opt to appear offline, should they rather have a little alone time during their solo stint of Dark Souls 3 or while watching a movie.

In addition to social features, the MUSASHI update adds Remote Play support for PCs running Windows 8.1 or later and Macs running OSX 10.10 or later – allowing players to stream their PS4 games straight to their computer.

You can see the new notifications, event creator and more on display below. Looking back on our days of playing telephone tag just to string eight friends together for a single game of team death match, this update couldn't come sooner.

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