Sony at E3 - live coverage

PS3 - will it get Sony love?
PS3 - will it get Sony love?

It's Sony PlayStation's turn to take to the E3 stage - but can the Japanese giants raise their game in response to their rivals?

With Xbox getting first bite of the cherry and Nintendo second up – PlayStation has the dubious pleasure of going last at E3.

But can the PlayStation manufacturer come up with the goods and make Microsoft's Natal announcement look, like, so yesterday? Time will tell.

You can follow the conference on TechRadar – updates will appear in this page and you can refresh to see just what's going on.

Live coverage starts at 7pm

8:50 - We've been treated to an impressive cartoon racer called ModNation Racer, Gran Turismo 5 and now God of War 3.

8:28 - Sony is pushing ITS motion capture tech now.

8:22 - FFXIII video is shown- and then FFXIV footage - for the first time ever.

8:15 - New RockStar franchise 'Agent' set in 70s cold war espionage coming exclusively to PS3 and Assassins Creed 2 in Italin Rennaissance - great

8:08 - PS3 content video now screening- there is a LOT of games coming soon to PS3

8:06 - Sony now bigging up its PlayStation Home service. Nobody looks that impressed to be honest.

7:52 - a new Metal Gear Solid for PlayStation and Resident Evil for PSP

7:45 - Gran Turismo PSP arrives! And only a few years late.Runs at 60fps, 800 cars, 35 tracks and, wait for it, a social aspect to 'share' the cars you unlock. Four player multiplayer as well, and it sounds like it's close to ready.

7:37 - Sony has announced a new PSP, the PSP Go – with Kaz Hirai joking it was also called the 'worst kept secret of E3.16GB of internal flash memory and built in WiFi - and it has a slider

7.32 - PSP gets some lovin'. "The PSP has no equal" says Sony - citing 50 million units sold.

7.26 - Mag gameplay is shown off, a year after our first glimpse at the FPS. 256 multiplayer - definitely cool

7.22 - Uncharted 2 multiplayer beta goes live this evening in the US.Uncharted 2 is very, very pretty.

7:13 - and we're off, trailers set to Queen track give way to Jack Tretten who opens by saying that only the PS3 could play out that level of image on the big screen behind him.

7:03 - Things are not under way yet, Sony are last up of the big three - and need to provide something cool to compete with new Mario - and more importantly Project Natal.

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