Possible Xbox One and PS4 UK delivery dates revealed by Toys R Us

Xbox One and PS4 UK delivery dates unveiled by Toys R Us
The PS4 gives you just 12 days of wrapping time

On the Toys R Us UK website, the PS4 and Xbox One have been bestowed with their pre-Christmas delivery dates.

It reckons the Xbox One will start shipping in the UK on November 29, but its Sony-made nemesis the PlayStation 4 will cut things fine with a December 13 delivery date.

Just to be on the safe side, Toys R Us concedes that these dates are subject to change - as are the prices it's come up with.

Just as well, since Sony's response to the mooted dates is: "We haven't made any announcements other than coming this holiday season."

And Microsoft is all "it's common practice for retailers to use placeholder dates for pre-order items without an official launch date" but says it has "no further details" beyond the already-announced November release date.

Throw us an Xbone

Alas, the toy giant has run out of pre-orders for both consoles, but if the delivery dates are about right then you can expect other retailers to follow suit.

Games for both consoles are also listed on the website with prices set at around £55 a go.

Via The Inquirer

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