Microsoft says with E3 coming, it looks forward to 'sharing more shortly'

Thanks for the tip, Microsoft

Microsoft may have let slip when it will reveal the new Xbox, or at least some Xbox-related goodies.

During its investor earnings call today, outgoing Microsoft CFO Peter Klein talked up the popularity of Xbox and Xbox Live before saying, "with E3 only a couple of months away, we look forward to sharing more shortly."

Klein spent more time talking about Xbox Live than actual Xbox hardware, so it's hard to tell whether his words were a veiled hardware or software reference, but they were nonetheless very intriguing.

There's been expectation that the Xbox 720 would have its own launch event, and this could certainly still be the case, but perhaps Klein wanted to leave with a wink towards where and when we'll see the upcoming console or features that will be integral to it.

The possibilities

We might also see the so-called Xbox Mini and/or a host of new Xbox Live features at E3, so the CFO has definitely given us a reason to pay attention during the conference (not that we weren't going to already, but you know what we mean).

Klein spoke about the Xbox being at the center of the company's living room strategy, with Xbox Live serving as a way not only to play games but to access a host of entertainment options.

"Consumers continue to be drawn to Xbox Live," Klein said. "It now has 46 million members, up 18 percent from the prior year. Clearly, there is a lot of momentum."

With recent rumors we've heard that the new Xbox will be able to take over a TV signal and become a sort of set-top box, Klein's comments could point at just such a feature.

TechRadar will continue to keep its ear to the ground for all the latest Xbox 720 news, and we'll be at E3 en masse, so stay tuned for all the latest.

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