Best Games Console Accessory Deals 2014

Xbox One Accessory Deals

The Xbox One may be behind the PS4 on sales but with Christmas coming up and Microsoft slashing the prices of their console yet again are we going to see an Xbox come back?

1) Xbox One Wireless Controller - £34.85 The latest controller from Microsoft has had over 40 technology innovations since the last version with new triggers, streamlined thumbsticks and a better D-pad. In the words of Microsoft 'the best gaming controller just got better'. It also comes in Blue Camouflage, Camouflage Special Edition and a Play and Charge Kit Edition.

2) Xbox One Kinect Sensor - £100.44 Now that not every Xbox One bundle comes with a Kinect you may be left wanting one. The Kinect is Microsoft's advanced 1080p HD camera that uses infrared technology and microphone to track your movement and listen to your voice.

3) Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter - £19.85 The Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter will enable most wired stereo gaming headsets to work with the Xbox One. Perfect if you already spent the money on a headset and don't want that money to go to waste.

4) Xbox One Stereo Headset - £36.85 The Xbox One Stereo Headset offers a full range audio spectrum and unidirectional microphone for clear voice capture. If you plan on hurling abuse at your enemies whilst on Xbox Live then this may be the perfect gift come Christmas time.

5) Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Membership – £34.99 Xbox Live is Microsoft's online service for your Xbox console, letting you rent HD movies, buy TV shows, download games and demos and of course play against other players online. Also comes as a 3 month membership.

6) Microsoft Gift Card - £10/£15/£25/£50 The Microsoft Gift Card puts some money onto your Xbox live account so that you can download games, films, TV shows and music.

7) Orb Thumb Grips - £4.07 If you're planning on hammering out a mammoth game session after you open up your brand new console on Christmas day then it might be worth putting these little thumb grips on your Christmas list. They'll help protect your joysticks from wear and tear and help prevent your thumbs from slipping in the thick of battle.

8) Kinect Camera Mounting Clip - £13.91 Keep your Kinect Camera safe and secure with this officially licensed TV Kinect mount.

9) Xbox One Licensed Charging Station - £24.59 Make sure your controllers never run out of juice with this good looking charging dock. Charges 2 controllers at a time and offers on screen indicators to show battery charge levels.

Nintendo Wii U accessories

The Xbox One and PS4 are not the only consoles around this Christmas the Nintendo Wii U is still going strong. With its innovative game pad and unique playing style I suspect there will still be a lot of gamers hoping to get their hands on one this Christmas.

1) Nintendo Wii U GamePad Accessory Set - £6 This accessory set includes a custom screen protector, a cleaning cloth and a GamePad Stylus.

2) Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller - £39.99 If you would like some classic style gaming on the Wii U then this controller is perfect.

3) Wii U Remote Plus Controller - £35 + Nunchuk - £14.99 Nintendo's Wii remote plus is an updated Wii remote with built in motion plus software.

4)Grip and Guard Case - £5.99 With Nintendo not offering the Touchpad up for sale it is extremely important you keep it nice and safe, unless you fancy waiting a few weeks for Nintendo to fix it for you. This Grip and Guard case should help protect it from any falls.