Amazon's Android console may undercut Xbox One and PS4 this year

Amazon's PSone-like Android console will arrive this year
Can it convince us that Android gaming has a place in the living room?

A few months ago we heard that Amazon was working on an Android games console, but we did wonder if the rumour mill was getting its wires crossed with Amazon's also-touted set top box.

But we're now hearing that a console is very much on the cards. According to "multiple sources" speaking to VG247, Amazon is looking to release an Android games console later this year.

Amazon's Android-running gaming box will also offer up movies, music and TV content too, making us wonder if this could be "bigger than Kindle" product that Amazon recently said it was working on.

The console is said to have the appearance of the PS One right now, looking "grey in colour, oblong in shape and with sharp edges" – although this could change come its official launch.

Gaming down the Amazon

According to the same report, Amazon is looking to follow its Kindle strategy and sell the console below $300 (about £180, AU$340) in the US, undercutting the PS4 and Xbox One.

But Amazon will also be taking on Android consoles such as the Ouya, which so far have failed to hit big in the living room.

Perhaps it's going to take someone like Amazon to come in and truly start the fire - but it'll be facing some stiff competition.

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