Games may be all the rage with new Apple TV set-top box

Apple TV game controller
Apple TV 4th generation could support Bluetooth controllers

Apple may be good for one more set-top box before it launches its long-rumored Apple iTV, and the new device may be all about fun and games.

The fourth-generation Apple TV is rumored to include a redesigned operating system more akin to the the one found on iOS 7 devices, according to sources who spoke with 9to5Mac.

That could mean the Cupertino company's self-described hobby box will open itself up to an increased number of apps to give TV watchers more to do on their big screen.

Currently, all Apple TV set-top boxes lack an official App Store and instead stick with pre-installed apps and stream iOS app content via AirPlay.

There's a Game Store app for that

The rumored Apple TV App Store may actually be more of a "Game Store" in the end with an update that adds games natively by March or earlier, according to iLounge's industry sources.

Game developers are said to testing out Bluetooth controllers that could be used in conjunction with gameplay. That would lend the Apple TV to handle more serious game experiences.

Right now, the set-top box uses the iPhone and iPad as a controller for streaming games through AirPlay. There's always been an uncomfortable amount of lag in the process.

Controller or no controller, opening up Apple TV to an app or game store could give the device the shot in the ARM processor it needs to compete with Roku 3, Chromecast and Amazon's rumored Firetube.

Matt Swider