A splash of color: New Xbox accessories are here to brighten up your day

Xbox One Accessories

Microsoft has announced some brand new Xbox One accessories, including new designs for the Xbox One S controller and a special edition headset.

The new designs for the Xbox One S controller don't change anything other than the color, bringing two new options to the table, but they will still cost you more than the standard controller. Style comes at a cost.

That said, purchasing one of these pre-designed color schemes is still a more affordable option than using the recently launched Xbox Design Lab where a custom controller will set you back around $79.99 (UK price tbc). It's also a way for customers from outside the US and Canada to get their own more colorful controller.

Adding a splash of color

The first new color is a bright blue design which covers the analog sticks and the D-pad.

The second is a metallic magenta at the bottom, which then fades into a metallic black towards the top of the controller.

The blue controller will be available in select regions starting September 27 for $64.99 USD (around £49.99 GBP, $86.39 AU), coming first to the US in Microsoft Stores and Best Buy. UK players can get it October 4th and preorder now for £49.99.

The magenta controller will have a wider initial release, coming to the US, Canada, the UK and other Xbox regions on October 4 for $69.99 USD (£54.99 GBP).

In addition to the new controllers, Microsoft is also releasing a special edition headset.

The headset won't have a variety of color options – it's only available in white – nor will it perform any differently from the standard Xbox Stereo headset.

Mostly, the headset is a release that will appeal to the gamer who would prefer that their gaming headset matches their white Xbox One S controller and console.

The special edition Xbox Stereo Headset will be coming to Microsoft Stores and GameStop in the US for $64.99 USD (around £49 GBP and $86 AU) and at participating retailers in all Xbox regions around the world from late October.

Emma Boyle

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