Samsung Galaxy Note 7 'Fandom Edition' is reportedly on the way

Remember the Samsung Galaxy Note 7? The phone that kept catching fire, was banned from airplanes and went through two recalls before Samsung ended production, killing it for good? Yeah, we thought that might jog your memory. 

Turns out Samsung is looking to revive the Galaxy Note 7 in the form of a 'Fandom Edition', according to the The Wall Street Journal (via The Verge). 

The device, dubbed the Galaxy Note 7 FE, will be built with refurbished parts - aka not the same as what were used in the first-run and failed Note 7. This new phone will reportedly go on sale on July 7.

There are a few catches to the Galaxy Note 7 FE launch (relaunch?), however. The phone, at least to start, will only be available in South Korea. 

Samsung reportedly plans to ship as many as 400,000 Galaxy Note 7 FE smartphones there, but it's not known how many will make it to other regions, or where exactly those places might be. 

Still, even if this is a limited run device, the Fandom Edition could be enough to appease fans of the original Note 7 who were forced to stop using their phones.

It's no secret the botched Galaxy Note 7 launch left a huge stain on Samsung's reputation. However, the tech giant has rebounded, thanks largely to the successful Galaxy S8 release. 

Rumors point to the Galaxy Note 7's successor, the Galaxy Note 8, launching in August, and it's then we'll see just how far Samsung has been able to put the Note 7 fiasco in its rear-view mirror.

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