Here's when Frozen 2 releases on Disney Plus UK

frozen 2
(Image credit: Disney)

Disney Plus has launched in the UK, and the one question on a lot of people's minds is this: when is Frozen 2 streaming in the UK? The answer is July 17 2020, according to the app. 

When you sign up to Disney Plus then search for Frozen 2 in the UK, you see the listing in the image above, which reveals the date.

In the US, Disney surprise-released Frozen 2 on Disney Plus on March 15, with other territories following a few days later. Nothing about the UK version of the service was mentioned in the announcement, but at least now we know when you'll be able to watch it over here.

Why the long wait?

It's not impossible that Disney UK could bring the date forwards, but since the service has just launched here, you can see why there's no rush to unleash a big surprise on the audience to goose sign-ups. 

Early adopters are already streaming the service, after all, and are just getting to experience Disney Plus signature show The Mandalorian for the first time, along with a deep archive of Disney content.

In the US, the early releases of Onward and Frozen made up for otherwise fallow months for a service that's now a few months old. Given how much time people are spending indoors right now, that was a savvy move by Disney to create more hype around the service. 

Samuel Roberts

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