Forget the Steam sale – you can get hit shooter Killing Floor for free

The Humble Store is doing a bit of thunder-stealing from Steam’s big summer sale, by offering the popular (and gory) co-op survival horror shooter Killing Floor for free.

Whereas Steam currently has the game on sale for 75% off, meaning it’s £3.74 or $4.99 in the US (around AU$6.50), as mentioned you can get it for absolutely nothing via the Humble Store – although only for a limited period of time.

The freebie offer runs out Saturday 24 June at 6pm BST (1pm ET, 3am Sunday 25 June AEST), so you best bag your copy of Killing Floor quickly if you fancy testing your mettle against hordes of vicious zombie-like creatures (who are the product of failed genetic experiments on humans).

You’ll receive the game via a Steam key for your Windows, Mac or Linux PC, so you’ll need a Steam account to redeem the key and play the shooter.

Tight teamwork

Killing Floor was originally a mod for Unreal Tournament, initially released way back in 2005, but the game has since made its name on Steam as a cult co-op shooter. Six players face the onrushing swarm of genetically mutated terrors, and it’s necessary to use tight teamwork in order to survive.

The sequel, unsurprisingly called Killing Floor 2, adds in the ability for players to take on the role of zombies in 12-player versus matches, and while you can’t get this for free, it is in the Steam sale with 50% off (meaning it’s £9.99, or $14.99 in the US – around AU$20).

Via: PC Gamer

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