Bad news for the Best Buy PS5 and Xbox Series X restock today – when to get it

PS5 restock Best Buy
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Update: There's bad news for the Best Buy PS5 and Xbox Series X restock today, we can exclusively report. This news is despite the fact that Best Buy hasn't had a restock of consoles this week and usually does at least a PS5 restock on Thursday or Friday.

What time will Best Buy restock PS5?

The Best Buy restock time for PS5 and Xbox is between 12pm EDT and 3:15pm EDT – with 12:30pm being the most popular time – when it's on a Friday. When it's on a Thursday, as it has been for the past two weeks, it's usually at 3:40pm EDT.

However, we don't expect a PS5 restock at Best Buy today, May 21, according to the sources of Matt Swider. There's nothing scheduled and no inventory at Best Buy warehouses, even if they did want to launch orders. Unlike Walmart, Best Buy only sells consoles it has on-hand or in the pipeline.

Will PS5 be restocked?

Yes, American retailers, in addition to Best Buy, will put PS5 and Xbox Series X on sale – it's a matter of when, not if, as inventory is low across the board in the US. The only stores that haven't had a restock recently include Costco and Amazon, but those stores are always a surprise with very little intel coming out of warehouses. We don't expect an Amazon PS5 or Xbox restock until early June.

Antonline does weekly PS5 restocks (sometimes it's Xbox like it was this past week), while there is an ongoing Target Xbox Series X restock but based on local stores, so you will see online orders open up in your region on a gradual basis.

Walmart has consoles in stock on Thursdays, but usually every other Thursday, while Sam's Club is often between 12am EDT and 1am EDT. The Microsoft Store has been restocking at the same time every week at Sunday at 12pm EDT (or a little later), though recently it's just been the Xbox Series S at that restock time.

Buy Best restock tips for PS5 and Xbox Series X

Even if the Best Buy PS5 restock isn't today, you should be prepared for the console to be back in stock any day next week. 

Best Buy PS5 restocks are different from other US retailers in – you shouldn't refresh the page in order to successfully purchase the PS5. Instead, Best Buy has set up what's almost like a Sony Direct queue system right inside the yellow add-to-cart button to prevent scalpers and automated bots from buying the Sony console.

Did Best Buy sell out of PS5?

Best Buy did sell out of the PS5 within 30 minutes last Thursday, and this was the second week in a row that the US retailer's restock date and time has been a Thursday at 3:40pm EDT. It used to launch orders on Fridays.

Needless to say, it didn't go three-for-three with a PS5 restock this week, and the Xbox has been absent from its roster for even longer.

We may see the next PS5 restock at Best Buy this upcoming Thursday, May 20 at 3:40pm EDT, if the electronics retailer sticks to its ongoing pattern.

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