Epic Games has a free $10 / £10 voucher gaming deal available right now

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Looking to fill up your library for the Holidays? Over at the Epic Store right now there's one of the best gaming deals we've seen for a while - an absolutely free Holiday gift coupon that can score you $10 off your next purchase.

Redeemable on Epic Store items only, and on all games over $14.99, this gaming deal is a great option if you were looking to bag a triple-A title for less this Holiday season.

To get your coupon, simply log into your Epic Games account and click 'Get my Epic coupon' to assign it to your account. If you don't redeem it manually, you'll also get it automatically assigned to your account when you download a free game or otherwise make your first purchase over the promotional period. This particular gaming deal at the Epic Store expires on Thursday January 7th at 11:00am EST - so you've got plenty of time to consider your options. 

Using this coupon, you can get some pretty great, if somewhat older titles like Assasin Creed: Oddessey for $7.99, Metro Exodus for $5.99, and Crysis: Remastered for $7.99. Or, alternatively, you could simply opt for a hefty discount on the latest titles, such as CyberPunk 2077 for $49.99 - all fantastic choices this December.

Epic Store: free $10 / £10 coupon

Epic Games: free $10/£10 voucher for purchases over $14.99/£13.99

Epic Games: free $10/£10 voucher for purchases over $14.99/£13.99
Head over to the Epic Games store and login to your account to redeem your free Holiday sale 2020 gift voucher. Once logged in, you'll need to click 'Get my Epic coupon', which you can then use to get a whole $10 (or local equivalent) on a huge array of games over $14.99 in value. The Epic Games store already has a ton of discounted games available right now, so this is a good opportunity to bag a AAA title for much less this Christmas.

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