EE slashes price on UEFA football access with BT Sport deal and a free Chromecast

BT Sport deals
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EE has announced a new deal dubbed BT Sport in a Box which, as the name suggests, gives you all the UEFA and premiership football wonders of BT Sport for cheap.

This little bundle, dished out to EE pay monthly customers, comes with BT Sport access for three months via the app. There's a Google Chromecast thrown in so you can get all the ball boshing brilliance right there on your biggest TV screen.

That bundle, EE says, is worth at least £75 but it's currently got the deal available for a very reasonable £45.

This deal is open to both new and existing EE pay monthly customers and includes data for viewing of the BT Sport app on your network connection. On top of this there is an extra three months of BT Sport to be claimed via the Entertainment on EE Phone deals or even EE SIM only deals. That's a total of six months of UEFA football access.

There's plenty more beyond football to enjoy with the deal getting you BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport 3, and BT Sport ESPN – all available in HD. That means, aside from Premier League and FA Cup footy, you also get premiership rugby, boxing, UFC, MLB baseball, MotoGP and plenty more.

All that not enough to sway you? There are even VR360 features built into the app for a totally new perspective on the sporting action. Still not sold? Check out our list of the current best BT Sports deals.

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