Doom Eternal director shuts down Smash Bros Ultimate rumors – for now

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Doomguy, the hell-raising US marine and brutal demon-hunter from id Software's iconic Doom franchise, isn't coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate anytime soon, it seems.

In an interview with Metro, Doom Eternal director Marty Stratton shut down rumors that Doomguy was in the works as playable DLC character for the latest Smash Bros fighting game, saying that the idea had been thrown around but not led to any serious discussions so far.

"I don’t even know who talked to who, but we’ve bantered with them," says Stratton. "We have a great relationship with them through bringing Doom 2016 to Switch and that kind of stuff.

"So we have great people over there but it’s one of those things where it’s like, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool?’ But it’s never gone anywhere serious, so we’ll see."

The long road ahead

Doomguy won't be on that Smash Bros Ultimate stage in the near future, then. Stratton's clarification that Nintendo hasn't asked for the rights to use the character also makes it very clear it won't be happening in the next round of Fighters Pass characters.

In the last Smash Bros live stream, franchise director Masahiro Sakurai announced a total of six additional fighters that would be coming to the game in the next year (likely into 2021), and it's hard to imagine those slots being announced without characters being firmly locked down for the period – even if the nitty-gritty of animations, moves, and art style were still being pinned down.

After the disappointing announcement that the next characters to come to the game was Byleth – yet another Fire Emblem character – and also Cuphead, who will only be available as a Mii Fighter costume, there are six more chances for Nintendo to really excite their fans, but it looks like the adrenaline thrill of gunning down demons with a shotgun and rocket launcher won't be part of their strategy.

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