Xbox is getting Spotify support starting today

You’re going to need a better sound system: Microsoft just announced that Spotify is coming to Xbox One. The announcement follows weeks of rumors, and a near two-year lag since the PlayStation 4 got access to the music streaming service back in 2015. 

Spotify will be available to download on Xbox One devices in 34 countries around the world starting today and the streaming service will work on the system regardless of whether you are a free or a Premium Spotify user.

Similarly to how Spotify works on PS4, Microsoft says the Xbox One version of the app will be able to function in the background, pumping out the jams without taking up any precious screen real estate.

In terms of selecting music or building a playlist, it can either be done on the console itself via the Spotify app or from your phone, tablet, or laptop using the Spotify Connect feature.

To celebrate the launch, Microsoft has assembled a number of playlists to get you started including the hopefully ironically named ‘Epic Gaming’ and ‘Power Gaming’ playlists, as well as a specially-curated playlist by Xbox’s Major Nelson.

Spotify’s entire 30 million-plus song catalogue will be available on the console version of the app for both free and premium members but, should you want an ad-free experience or higher audio quality using the desktop or mobile apps, you’ll need to ante up $9.99/£9.99/AU$11.99 per month.

Music has no console preference

Spotify’s arrival on Xbox One finally balances the scales of streaming services on the two leading consoles, the Xbox One and the PS4. 

Its absence was felt most when Spotify first launched on PlayStation 4 two years ago (especially when Microsoft was still pushing its first-party music store), and it’s since been a lingering point of contention between the two consoles. 

While it may have taken years to get to this point, Spotify is finally catering to both audiences – a decision that might’ve been made possible by the addition of the background music feature Microsoft added in August of last year. (Though, admittedly, we wouldn't be surprised if there were some sort of contractual obligation involved when Spotify signed on with Sony's system in 2015.)

Regardless, Spotify’s here to stay on Xbox and while that probably doesn’t spell the end of the console cold war, it’s one step on the path of reconciliation. 

Nick Pino

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