World's first 256GB USB memory stick

Kingston unveils world's highest capacity memory stick
Kingston unveils world's highest capacity memory stick

Kingston Technology launches the world's first 256GB USB flash drive this week, so that you can carry around 51,000 images or the equivalent of 54 DVDs-worth of data in your pocket.

"The DataTraveler 300 will enable users to carry huge volumes of data with them everywhere they go – up to 365 CDs for example. That's one album for every day of the year, and it demonstrates how far flash technology has developed," said Kirsty Miller, Product Marketing Manager for Kingston Technology Europe.

The Kingston DataTraveler 300 also promises quick transfer rates and the option to password-protect your data. It's ideal if you are a netbook user working on the go who wants to back up large amounts of data.

Ideal for graphic designers

Kingston is keen to market the high-capacity pocket-sized drive to "business consumers who work with large databases, or even designers who need to transfer large graphic files from one place to another."

The Kingston DataTraveler 300 is also enhanced for Windows Readyboost and comes with a five-year warranty and 24/7 Tech Support.

The downside? It costs £565.67 excluding VAT.

But if that price-tag doesn't make you flinch and if you really need one, you can purchase the Kingston Technology DataTraveler 300 online right now.

Adam Hartley