ioSafe Solo protects your data from the Apocalypse

It might be the end of the world, but at least your Justin Timberlake MP3s will survive
It might be the end of the world, but at least your Justin Timberlake MP3s will survive

Your flat is set on fire by a burning meteorite. Your house is threatened by a towering tsunami. Or a swarm of blood-sucking bees.

You've got 30 seconds to grab everything that's precious to you: your signed photo of Lionel Ritchie, your pet vole, your lucky pants - but not your music-, photo- and file-packed external hard drive. At least if you bought a new ioSafe Solo.

This 1.5TB hard drive has been toughened to cope with nine out of ten Biblical plagues (sorry, incurable boils are still going to hurt).

Burn, baby, burn

The ioSafe Solo is fireproof to temperatures up to 1500 def F (815 deg C), fully waterproof (salt or fresh) down to three metres for up to three days and probably isn't going to be too bothered by large numbers of frogs or flies, either.

ioSafe is so confident of the Solo's ability to withstand divine judgement that it's offering a Disaster Recovery Service providing up to $1,000 (£690) of third-party forensic drive data recovery service should the ioSafe Solo be damaged and the company unable to recover your information.

ioSafe's patented FloSafe cooling vent technology provides air-flow cooling to dissipate heat during normal operation. FloSafe technology also has the ability to detect destructive heat levels and automatically close the vents to protect data from fire.

The Solo also has proprietary DataCast endothermic insulation that is chemically embedded with water, cooling water vapor which is released when the temperature reaches 160F (71C).

The ioSafe Solo is available in the US now from $150 (£105) for a 500GB model, up to the $300 (£210) 1.5TB model. UK launch to follow.

Mark Harris is Senior Research Director at Gartner.