Buy a new laptop, get five free HD DVDs

Buy one of Toshiba's new laptops before 31 January 2008 and you can claim five free HD DVD movies

The freebies just don't stop coming, do they? Toshiba has just announced that it's going to give away five HD DVD movies to anyone in the UK who buys one if its new range of HD DVD drive-equipped laptops.

In an industry which is more keen to give away free software than lower the price of the actual gear, this is the latest volley in Toshiba's HD war against Sony and Blu-ray.

Free HD DVD movies

Buy a Qosmio G40; a Satellite X200; a Satellite P200; a Satellite Pro P200; a Satellite A200; or a Satellite Pro A200 laptop, and you'll be entitled to send off for five HD DVD movie titles from the specially set-up website. The deal expires on 21 January 2008.

Not a bad deal if you're thinking of buying a new laptop anyway.

Should you take the plunge, you can choose five of the following HD DVD movies: Corpse Bride, The Prestige, Troy, Swordfish, Full Metal Jacket, Hulk, Serenity, The Chronicles of Riddick, The Fast and the Furious 2, Children of Men, World Trade Center, Dreamgirls and Black Rain. So no brand new ones, but still not a bad selection considering they're gratis.

Fudging the numbers

The interesting thing will be to see if Toshiba and the HD DVD Promotion Group are planning to count these free HD DVD titles in their next batch of software sales figures. The HD DVD camp has been accused of fudging its numbers recently, in order to make the HD DVD attach rate per player seem higher than that of Blu-ray.

In recent times, both combatants in the HD battle have been including free give-away movies in their sales figures.

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