Beyerdynamic’s Blue Byrd wireless headphones fine-tune their sound to your ears

Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd

Over at IFA 2018, Beyerdynamic has introduced a new range of Byrd wireless and wired in-ear headphones, with three flavors on offer to suit different budgets and tastes.

All of these headphones benefit from an ‘ultra-flat’ design, meaning they won’t press on your ear even if you’ve got them in while listening to music while lying on your side.

The entry-level model is the Beat Byrd, which are wired headphones that offer what Beyerdynamic promises is clear sound backed with a powerful level of bass. This model will only be sold via the company’s online store, and will be available by the end of September costing €24.90 (around £22, $29, AU$40).

Stepping up to the Soul Byrd, this is again a wired model, with a premium build quality, promising to deliver a balanced sound with considerable clarity, Beyerdynamic observes.

You also get five pairs of silicone ear-tips in a range of different sizes, and an in-line three-button remote with integrated microphone. Soul Byrd headphones will go on sale mid-October priced at €79 (around £71, $92, AU$126).

Blue Byrd

Finally, at the top of the range we have the wireless Blue Byrd headphones, which do away with the cable in favor of a Bluetooth connection (although the earbuds themselves are still linked as you can see in the above image).

The built-in battery gives you up to six hours of listening, and the headphones can be recharged via USB-C. This flagship model also come with Mosayc sound personalization, which fine-tunes the sound to your own hearing (following an app-based hearing test conducted via your Android or iOS device).

If that system works as promised, you’ll get a sound fully tailored to your own ears, which is an exciting prospect.

Beyerdynamic’s Blue Byrd wireless headphones will be available before 2018 is out, with a recommended price of €129 (around £115, $150, AU$205).

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