Bethesda has big post-release plans for Rage 2

Image credit: idSoftware

Rage 2 may not be launching until May 14 but Bethesda has already revealed a roadmap detailing post-release plans for the game from its release until the end of 2019. Even the most chaotic game worlds need a well-organised plan to thrive.

In a blog post on the Bethesda site, the publisher offered fans a brief overview of the plans to keep them entertained with promises of new vehicles, enemies, community challenges and expansions among other things. 

From Rage 2's launch in May Bethesda will start rolling out community challenges and world events, while June and July will see bigger additions like brand new vehicles and some fresh weapon skins. 

The year ahead

In August things start getting serious as you'll see the launch of the first “major” expansion: Rise of the Ghosts. This will introduce a new region and storyline to the game as well as more new weapons, vehicles and abilities. 

September until December is still fairly vague at the moment. However, plans are in place and players can expect a second significant expansion in November, with yet another new story and areas to explore. Bethesda has teased that it will be revealing more about this expansion soon. Understandably, Bethesda probably wants to build excitement for the first major expansion before it starts the hype for the second. 

In our hands on experience with Rage 2 earlier this year we called the game “ambitious” and found ourselves “anxious to try more”.

We don't have much longer to wait; Rage 2 will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC from May 14. 

Emma Boyle

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