The best Samsung Galaxy S9 cases

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus cases are pretty much an essential given the fact that the Android phone has an all-glass slippery design to it.

It's now time to suit it up in a stylish, trusted case. It might not be what you want to hear, but unless you have Samsung Care, you'll want to invest in an affordable case.

Below, you’ll find several recommendations that cover a wide range of budgets and style preferences. While some of these options are untested, they are each a cut above the rest due to their value and design, and are backed by positive consumer feedback.

Note: we’ve ranked these from cheapest to most expensive at the time of writing

Tudia Arch S case

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Coming in at $15 and below on Amazon (about £10, AU$20), the Arch S case provides nothing but the basics. It fits snug around the S9 and S9 Plus, and does well not to step on Samsung's flagship design.

The case is made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), which gives it a soft feel, but Tudia has worked some grippy grooves around the case's edges to make it grippy.

If you need a quick, cheap option, this one should do you well.

Mous 'Real' Case

Mous is ready to line your Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus with high-impact 'Air Shock' material, which is basically thousands of micro air pockets that acts as tiny springs. It offers maximum protection with a minimalist design and comes in three finishes: Aramid Carbon Fibre, Black Leather, and the light Shell Case. Don't worry, it still supports wireless charging and comes with a screen protector to boot.

MNML thin case

MNML makes cases that boast a minimalist aesthetic, hence the name. Think of it this way, if the phone manufacturers offered a case for their devices in-box, they'd probably include something super flattering like what MNML makes. 

It's clean, light, thin and best of all, it fits right to the form of the S9 and S9 Plus. It's not the most protective case out there by a long shot, but if you take good care of your phones, this one will protect against the day-to-day scuffs and scratches just fine.

Spigen Wallet S Case

If you're looking for utility, you probably want a folio case. Spigen makes one of the most affordable options on the market with its Wallet S folio. It's made with synthetic leather, but has a smooth, supple feel and suave look. Flipped open, it has room for two cards, or one and some cash.

If you want to watch some video entertainment, the folio can be folded to make its very own kickstand. Beyond this, basically every part of the S9 or S9 Plus is protected, making this a smart buy for those who want more from a case.

Incipio Folio case

It's tough to find a folio case that's equal parts durable, versatile and good-looking. For a surprisingly low asking price, Incipio's does all of this.

The cover is grippy and suave, revealing a softer material used on its back to provide delicate protection for your S9 or S9 Plus' big screen.

You'll find a pocket to store cash, a credit card and a bus pass, which links up to a translucent casing that doesn't hide the phone's slick design.

This is a pretty no-frills folio case, but if that's what you're after, this won't disappoint.

Otterbox Symmetry Case

This option is one of the few rugged cases out there for the new S9 that excels at looking like a slimline case. Available in a variety of colors, as well as build materials, the strong design language of the S9 and S9 Plus shine through with these options.

We’ve gotten our hands on a clear option, as well as a matte black Symmetry case. Despite their visual differences, each looks to provide a good amount of protection from dropping at every angle.

At $39 (£29, about AU$43), we feel that Otterbox’s most slick case is a good value.

Hyperknit Cover Case

One of the cooler-looking, albeit still unannounced first-party cases from Samsung, the Hyperknit has a knitted design, which provides a benefit to users both in terms of how it looks (stunning) and how its feel (grippy and protective).

This case will retail for $41 (about £29, AU$52), according to MobileFun. That's a bit expensive considering that it doesn’t cover the S9’s face. Though this option looks to be available in each of the S9’s launch colors, so it could make for a nice complement to your purchase.

Lifeproof Slam Case

We haven’t tested a case that feels more durable than Lifeproof’s Slam case. That’s pretty shocking, given how low-profile its design looks and feels.

Installing the case takes a bit of effort, as it requires the included key to pop the plastic back off. Needless to say, once things are installed, it feels incredibly snug and secure from all angles.

For $49, this seems like one of the better deals on this list, though the color options might not do it for you.

Alcantara case

If you're looking for the most premium slimline case on the market, you'll want to direct your attention over to Samsung's own Alcantara case.

Just like the smooth, resilient fabric used on the Microsoft Surface Laptop, Alcantara yields an equally grippy, yet soft feel here for the S9 and S9 Plus. Since it's designed by Samsung, you can be assured that all of the design highlights brought by its phones remain in full effect, and are almost accentuated by this case.

Bodyguardz Trainr Pro case

It sounds strange to run around with the S9 or S9 Plus strapped on your arm, but Bodyguardz' low-profile case with strap combo makes it feel anything but.

While not the cheapest case offering, this one offers versatility not seen in the other options above. The strap can snap onto the sides of the case to let you go for a jog without the phone jumbling around in your pocket. 

Should you not want to run around with the strap, we also enjoy that this case hugs the S9's curves tightly, letting the design shine through its translucent back.

Kerf wood case

Wood-covered tech might be baffling to some, but once you cover up your S9 or S9 Plus in the premium-priced (but totally worth it) handmade wood case from Kerf, you'll see the appeal.

Kerf uses responsible sourced wood for its cases, lines them in suede to make your device fit perfectly with responsive wooden buttons, and even tacks on a lifetime warranty. Its cases aren't cheap – starting at $59 – but if you're looking for a case with a one-of-a-kind element, this is definitely one to check out.

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