Best power banks in the UAE 2018: the best portable chargers to keep your gadgets going


Do you find your phone battery often dies before the end of the day? Then you should buy a portable charger so you can keep it pumped up with battery while on the go.

We've put together a selection of great portable power banks that you can get right now and we've listed them down below.

Whether you’re looking for a high capacity battery or a slim design, we’ve got the greatest portable chargers you need to see.

Best power banks for capacity

Anker PowerCore power bank

A whole 20,100mAh to play with

HUGE battery size
High speed charging
Doesn't support Qualcomm Quick Charge

You've likely heard of Anker, and this is one of the company's best portable chargers. It comes with a huge 20,100mAh battery inside, meaning this will be able to charge up your phone or tablet multiple times before it needs a recharge.

It also comes with high-speed charging for your devices if they use PowerIQ or VoltageBoost. It won't be able to use Qualcomm's QuickCharge technology, but it'll still boost your device when you're on the go.

AUKEY Power Bank

Charge two at a time

Large battery capacity
Two USB ports
Blocky design
No quick charging

If the Anker isn't right for you, our next choice is the Aukey 20,000mAh battery pack. It features two ports so you can charge both your phone and your tablet at the same time and also has a light to show you how much battery charge is leftover.

The blocky design may not be for everyone, but this portable charger should be able to charge your phone and other gadgets a few times over with such a high capacity cell inside.

RAVPower portable charger

Bright with a large capacity

Bright color options
Compact design
Could be smaller

This is the cheapest option for a portable charger we have on the list, but this option from RAVPower should suit you for recharging your mobile phone while on the go.

It has a capacity of 6,700mAh, which should recharge your average smartphone at least once and maybe even twice. There are three color options here with the choices of either pink, bright blue or silver. 

The LEDs on the side of the device also show you how much charge is left and there's fast-charging tech built-in too.

Best slim portable chargers

Poweradd Pilot 2GS

Metal and sleek

High capacity
Quick recharge
Still quite heavy

Poweradd also offers a great slim portable charger, and it's one of the cheapest options on this list yet boasts a substantial 10,000mAh cell inside.

It may be quite heavy, but this is only 1.3cm thick, making it a great device to slip into your back pocket when you're out and about. You'll want to grab a cable to go with it though as unlike the Iceworks choice above it doesn't come with one built in.

Anker PowerCore II Slim 10,000 power bank

Easy to fit in your pocket

Super slim design
Very portable
No cable connection

The Anker PowerCore II 10,000 power bank is perhaps the most portable option on this list and allows you to have at least two full charges for your phone in your back pocket ready to go.

At only 209g and 1.5cm thick, you'll be able to take this around with you won't feel weighed down while still having 10,000mAh of extra power for your devices. Plus it comes with Anker's own fast-charging tech that should mean you won't be plugged into it for too long, but you'll need to take around your own cable to use this.

Belkin Pocket Power 5k

A slim charging solution

Easy to carry around
Super lightweight
Small capacity

With a capacity of only 5,000mAh, the Belkin Pocket Power 5K can offer up to 1.5 charges of your phone, but what it may lack in capacity it certainly makes up in its design.

Weighing only 131g and 1.29cm thick, it's easy to slip into a pocket and carry around with you for some extra power on the go. Easily charge up your phone, smartwatches, headphones, and even small drones wherever you go. If you're short on space and not too fussed about it's smaller capacity, this is one solution that's easy to pick up.