Aussies are too committed to their telcos and it’s costing them thousands

If you think you’re especially loyal to your phone service provider, you’re not alone. Research conducted by has revealed that close to two-thirds (62%) of Australians have stuck with their telco for over four years.

If you thought four years was a stretch, a staggering 22% of Australians have stayed with their provider for over 11 years, almost doubling the national average of 6.5 years. Among the reasons cited for remaining loyal to their carrier, being “happy with the provider” is the most common among customers.

Shake it up

While we’re not going to bad-mouth happiness, remaining faithful to any one carrier is not a sensible purchasing decision in the majority of cases, as most incentives in the telco industry are for new sign-ups rather than returning customers, and it’s unlikely that a carrier will offer the best value over the course of a decade.

Amongst other reasons for sticking to their guns, consumers found it too much of a hassle or too confusing to find a better deal and make the switch. 

While it’s true there are many more providers on the market at the moment, there are plenty of handy mobile plan comparison tools to help you make the right choice for when you're ready to make the switch.

Harry Domanski
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