Apple is reportedly putting together a 'Netflix for games' streaming service

Apple Gaming

Not content with completely transforming the music industry, Apple apparently wants to do the same for the gaming world with a new streaming service. 

According to anonymous sources speaking with Cheddar, Apple’s service would require a single fee for access to a selection of games distributed over a streaming internet connection.

Apple had reportedly begun discussing plans for the service in private with game developers in the second half of 2018, even partnering with them as a publisher in the endeavor. This would likely be to avoid sharing licensing with other publishers and maximize profits.

Of course, the subscription cost is currently unknown, nor are the types of games being considered for offer, and the service is apparently still so early in development that Apple could easily walk away from the project. Apple has declined to comment on Cheddar’s report.

Apple finding its next Moby Dick

Having redefined the world of digital music with iTunes at the turn of the century, and now being a major player in streaming music with Apple Music, this company is no stranger to successful digital services.

In fact, with hardware sales generally souring at the time of writing, taking another bite out of the digital storefront might be what sees it through an especially rough patch financially.

It’s well known by now that the App Store is Apple’s largest and most reliable revenue generator, so of course Apple is looking for new ways to optimize that model. What will this mean for us, the general consumers?

Well, we could be looking at yet another monthly fee for the sake of simplicity and extra features in our iPhone, iPad and perhaps even Mac games down the line. Whether Apple will target mainstream mobile gamers, dedicated hardcore gamers, or both, is what we’re most interested in seeing with this development.

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