Aorus GTX 1080 marks a new line of graphics cards from Gigabyte

There’s a new GeForce GTX 1080 in town, with the Aorus brand (from Gigabyte) debuting its first Nvidia graphics card – and it’s one seriously cool customer.

The Aorus GeForce GTX 1080 Xtreme Edition boasts some impressive cooling chops with a copper backplate on the rear of the card to help dissipate heat, and a WindForce ‘Stack’ array of three 100mm cooling fans on the front, along with a large copper base plate.

The net effect is some very effective cooling for the GPU along with the video RAM and MOSFET, which should allow for a nice dollop of overclocking.

Of further interest to customization fans is the RGB lighting on board, giving you a choice of 16.8 million colors for the logos on the side and rear, along with the strips on the front of the card.

Ports aplenty

In terms of ports, there’s an HDMI port and three DisplayPorts on the card itself, along with a DVI-D connector, plus you get the Aorus VR Link which provides two extra HDMI ports.

This card apparently offers premium build quality with ‘Titan X-grade chokes and capacitors’ for impressive durability, and a further neat touch is that this assertion is backed up by a four-year warranty.

The core specs are a base clock of 1759MHz with boost to 1898MHz in gaming mode, shifting up to 1784MHz with boost to 1936MHz in OC (overclocked) mode.

There’s no on-sale date yet, or price for that matter, but we should hopefully hear something on that front soon.

The Aorus brand is pretty famous for being home to some excellent gaming laptops, such as the Aorus X3 Plus v6 which we reviewed only last week.

Via: Bit-tech

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