Amazon tipped to offer broadband to Prime users in the UK

You get a whole bunch of benefits when you sign up for Amazon Prime, from faster deliveries to video streaming, and the latest rumour is that broadband access is about to be added to the mix as well, at least for UK members.

The tip comes courtesy of sources speaking to The Information, a site with a decent track record for business scoops. Apparently Amazon wants to rent network access from other Internet Service Providers (ISPs), something it can do in Britain but can't in the US.

It would give Amazon an even more compelling subscription package and enable it to bundle internet access with video services, much like Sky or BT already do in the UK.

Prime time

Amazon itself hasn't directly commented on the reports but it has a finger in some many pies it would be no surprise if it added another to the list. As yet there's no timescale on when this might start rolling out.

Germany, like the UK, allows wholesale access to its network - Amazon could potentially buy access off Deutsche Telekom and then sell a rebranded service on to customers. As we've said, that's much harder to do in the United States, as Google is finding.

It would no doubt make Prime more compelling than ever but we'll have to wait and see whether Amazon Prime Broadband becomes a real thing or just an idea that was once kicked around by Jeff Bezos and his executives.

Via Ars Technica

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