Google Fiber could be heading to these two major cities

Google Fiber is branching out to two major cities
Image Credit: Google

Google announced today that it is planning to bring Google Fiber to two new locations. If successful, the inclusion of Chicago and Los Angeles to Google's high-speed Internet infrastructure will be its biggest expansion yet, serving a potential 6 million-plus new customers.

While Google is prepared to expand to the two major metropolitan areas, it remains up to each city to decide if it will allow Fiber to be installed. Google has made its case, claiming that greater Internet speeds will be beneficial to small businesses and the creative industries that both cities facilitate.

"Internet speeds can help attract more tech talent and add to the 40,000 tech jobs that exist across the Windy City," said Google in their announcement. "In L.A., faster Internet may mean that indie musicians and YouTube stars can spend less time worrying about bandwidth, and more time creating their next project."

Google Fiber is current available in Kansas City, Austin, and Provo, with six locations already committed for future expansion: San Antonio, Nashville, Atlanta, Charlotte, Salt Lake City, and Raleigh-Durham.

In addition to Chicago and L.A., Google also expresses interest in bringing Fiber to several other cities across the continental U.S., from Jacksonville to Portland.

"While we can't guarantee that we'll be able to bring Fiber to Chicago and L.A., this is a big step for these cities and their leaders," said Google. "Planning for a project of this size is a huge undertaking, but we'll be sure to keep residents updated along the way."

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