Amazon Prime members can get over 30% off of new Fire tablets

Apple may have been quiet about tablets this week, but Amazon isn't doing likewise. The new Fire 7 and Fire HD 8 tablets from Amazon are a pair of incredibly affordable tablets that aren't half bad, especially the Fire HD 8, and Amazon is currently giving Prime members a discount of over 30% on each.

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The Fire 7 is a no-frills tablet with a 7-inch display at a resolution of 1,024x600 pixels. The screen and camera are no killers, but the tablet comes with dual-band wi-fi for good connectivity, and it features one of Amazon's most popular recent creations: Alexa.

At $50 for the 8GB model with Amazon special offers displayed on the lockscreen, the Fire 7 is a super low-budget tablet with a smart assistant thrown on top. At that price, it's already one of the cheapest ways to get an Alexa-enabled device. But Prime members can get the Fire 7 for $15 off, making it an incredibly cheap $35.

The Fire HD 8 deal is even sweeter

The Fire HD 8 may be $30 more than the Fire 8 at their base prices, but it has more to offer. On top of a slightly bigger screen with a resolution of 1,280x800, the Fire HD 8 also has double the storage of the Fire 7. It also has Alexa baked in.

The Fire HD 8 starts at $89, which makes it a good buy, but with Amazon's $25 discount for Prime members, the Fire HD 8 is just $64 right now. There are plenty of other tablets with higher specs and bigger screens, but it's hard to beat the value of the Fire 7 and Fire HD 8 when a deal like this is going.

Mark Knapp

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