Score a new Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 for $49.99 if you trade in your old smartwatch

Galaxy Watch 7
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Update: The earlier launch deal for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 has now expired, but you can still get a big saving on the new smartwatch. We've updated the piece below to reflect the current offer.

Original story: Smartwatches tell the time, display your notifications, and provide a wealth of health and fitness tracking features. Samsung has just launched its latest wearable and, remarkably, you can already get the Galaxy Watch 7 for as little as $49.99 (was $299.99) if you have an existing smartwatch to trade in.

Samsung accepts a range of Samsung, Apple, Fitbit and Garmin wearables as part of this trade-in offer as long as it's on the eligible devices list. For example, you can hand over a Galaxy Watch 5 Pro to get the full $250 rebate on the new smartwatch.

Of course, not everyone will have that specific device to trade in, but Samsung has boosted the cash you get for a whole host of products, with a minimum discount of $100 for any smartwatch in any condition. So even if you've got some dated tech on your wrist you'll get a decent discount for an upgrade.

That's not all, though. You also get to add a select band worth $49.99 to your order for free. 

It's not as good as the offer that dropped it to $24.99 earlier in the week, but this is still a super-cheap way to get a new smartwatch. Check out all the details below.

Today's best Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 deal

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7: $349.98 $49.99 at Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7: was $349.98 now from $49.99 at Samsung
Despite only just hitting the shelves, Samsung's brand-new wearable can be reduced to as low as $49.99 thanks to a trade-in of an eligible smartwatch. The deal doesn't end there, though. You also get a free band worth $49.99. That's quite the collection of savings for Samsung's brand-new flagship wearable that boasts a performance-enhancing Exynos chip and some clever AI-powered wellness features.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7: £289 £134.99 at Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7: was £289 now from £134.99 at Samsung
Samsung is running a similar but somewhat less enticing offer in the UK for the launch of the Galaxy Watch 7. Still, you can get up to £150 off when you trade in your old smartwatch, plus a free strap worth £44 and a free £50 Google Play gift card. The savings are not as strong overall, and the minimum discount for a trade-in is £50, but this is guaranteed to be the best way to buy the new smartwatch until a bigger sales event like Black Friday.

The Galaxy Watch 7 is packed full of the latest and greatest tech that Samsung has to offer. It begins with a new processor that is super fast and guarantees a beautifully responsible experience for every user. It's also got a tonne of Galaxy AI features which further boost the experience and increase how smart the wearable is.

We've not had a chance to give our full verdict yet but have come away impressed after some hands-on time for our early Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 review. We especially love the new BioActive Sensor stack, which boosts health and wellness capabilities. When paired with a Samsung phone and the Samsung Health app, you truly get a wonderful ecosystem of functionality to hit all your targets.

Check out our roundup of the best smartwatches to help you decide if this is the best wearable for you to buy today. If you want to compare it to the previous model, then you can read our Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 review. Alternatively, if you want something that oozes visual appeal, you can always grab one of the best Apple watches which are likely to be discounted for Amazon Prime Day.

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