Surprise! DreamCloud just launched a better-than-Black Friday 50% off flash sale

DreamCloud mattress deal
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The biggest mattress shopping event of the year happened a couple of weeks ago, but DreamCloud has come through with a surprise flash sale that puts its Black Friday offer to shame: 50% off the full mattress range.

You have a few options to choose from, but you can't go far wrong with the original. In our DreamCloud mattress review we found it felt far more high-end than you'd expect for the price – in fact, it's the 'affordable luxury' option in our best mattress ranking. The extras are super-generous too; you'll get a full year's trial and forever warranty. 

If you've been keeping an eye on this brand you'll know its not a stranger to a discount, but the regular deal only knocks 33% off, so you're saving significantly more with this current offer. We've seen this 50% off deal once before in 2023 – it ran for a short period in early November, before reverting to not-so-good prices for Black Friday itself.

Here's a closer look at the deal, and who we'd recommend this mattress to:

DreamCloud mattress

Queen size:$1,332Overview: Price history:

DreamCloud mattress

Queen size:
was $1,332 now $665 at DreamCloud

Overview: The flagship DreamCloud is a hybrid mattress, which layers up bouncy pocket coils and sink-in memory foam, all topped off with a luxurious, cashmere-blend cover. It sleeps cool and absorbs movements well. The medium-firm feel will suit a wide range of body types and sleep styles, too.

Price history: This mattress is never sold at full price, but the current deal gets you a queen size for $665, which is the cheapest we've ever seen it for, matched only by a short pre-Black Friday flash sale in early November. For the first half of the year and most of 2022, a queen size cost $899 with a free bedding bundle. The deal changed in May this year – the price dropped to $799, but there was no free bedding. Last year, it was either $899 or $999. 

Extras: The extras are the ultra-generous for such an affordable mattress. You have a full year's trial, so you can test this mattress out in all seasons before fully committing, and it also comes backed by a forever warranty. 

Buy it if...

You're looking for a great all-rounder: The DreamCloud ticks a lot of boxes for a lot of people – it performed well across the board in our tests, and has a medium-firm feel that will provide a great balance of support and comfort for most sleep styles and body types, including those who suffer back pain.

You share a bed: The DreamCloud absorbs movements really well, which means if your partner is moving about on their side of the mattress, you won't feel it. That makes it a great choice for couples and/or light sleepers.

You've had your eye on a DreamCloud mattress: If you've been considering buying from this brand, now's the time to do it. We're very unlikely to see lower prices any time soon. Even at its normal price, this hybrid looks and feels much more expensive than it is, and the generous trial and warranty amp up your value for money.

Don't buy it if...

 You want the best of the best: Our #1 rated mattress is the Saatva Classic, and if you have a larger budget, that's the one we'd recommend. This luxurious hybrid is available in three sleep feels and two heights, and the build quality and comfort are exceptional. If you go to  now there's $400 off orders over $1k.

❌ You want a mattress you sink into: There's some memory foam here, but if you want more contouring and softness, consider something like the Helix Midnight mattress – there's currently 20% off. That would be a good choice for lightweight side sleepers, too, who might find the DreamCloud a bit too firm.

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