5 big Cyber Monday deals on mattresses for bigger bodies

Titan Plus mattress
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If you weigh more than average, you'll need a sturdy mattress that will provide proper support, and not let you down after a year or so. The best mattresses for bigger bodies tend to cost a bit more, so it's a smart idea to shop during a sales event.

The Cyber Monday mattress deals are in full swing, and there are deals on all kinds of models, including most of those that feature in TechRadar's best mattress guide. In this roundup, however, I'm focusing specifically on mattresses that are designed for those who weigh 250lbs or more (there are options that'll work for a total sleeper weight of up to 1,100lbs). These models use premium materials to ensure edge-to-edge support, and provide a sturdy yet comfortable surface for a restful and restorative night's sleep for many years to come.

Most of these models sit in the premium price bracket, but with the current deals you can pick them up for a lower price than usual. Here are the best deals for mattresses for bigger bodies in the Cyber Monday sales...

Titan Plus mattress: $699$489.30 at Titan
Cheapest option!

Titan Plus mattress: was $699 now from $489.30 at Titan
Cheapest option!
The Titan is one of the cheapest mattresses for big bodies anyway, but the bumped-up 30% off Cyber Monday discount makes it even better value. If you want to push the boat out, there are options to upgrade – add a cooling cover, or swap for the more advanced 'Plus Luxe' version. The hybrid design includes high-density foam and steel coils, and it'll support up to 1,000lbs. 

Saatva HD mattress:$1,895$1,495 at Saatva
Semi-exclusive deal!

Saatva HD mattress: was $1,895 now from $1,495 at Saatva
Semi-exclusive deal!
Hit the link here to knock $400 off the Saatva HD. It's designed to support sleepers up to 500lbs, with a design that includes organic cotton, natural latex, and steel coils that are 25% stronger than the industry standard. There's also a section designed specifically to support the sleeper's lumbar section. 

Big Fig mattress: $1,399Highest weight limit!

Big Fig mattress: was $1,399 now from $949 at Big Fig
Highest weight limit! Big Fig makes specialist mattresses for heavy people, and this model will support a total sleeper weight of up to 1,100lbs, the highest weight limit here. The design includes coils and high-density foams, including bouncy and durable latex foam. For Cyber Monday, use code CYBER to knock $450 off, dropping this mattress into the upper mid-range.

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