Today's best Black Friday Vacuum Deal is a whopping 60% off the Neato D7

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One of our highest rated robot vacuums, the Neato Robotics D7, is seeing a once-in-a-lifetime sale. And, while there are plenty of Black Friday vacuum deals to choose from, this might be one of the best, if not the best out there right now.

The Neato Robotics D7 is $179.99 at Lowe’s. That’s a full $270 discount or 60% off its usual price of $449.99. Amazon, the online retailer known for having some of the most competitive deals on just every product under the sun, has never dropped the price of this robot vacuum below $399.99. Of course, Lowe’s Black Friday deal only lasts until November 23rd so you’ll have to press that buy button before Thanksgiving. Considering how much lower the price is than other sales, the closest in price to this deal is a third-party retailer on eBay, so we suggest that you don’t wait.

If you’re wondering why it's so heavily discounted, the Neato Robotics D7 is an older model. You won’t find it on Neato’s website — instead, you’ll find the D8, D9 and D10. However, considering how well it performed for us when we reviewed it (it got 4.5 out of 5, after all), it’s still going to do a fantastic job cleaning. We praised it for its cleaning performance, clean look, and the ability to control where it does and doesn’t clean.

Today's best Black Friday Vacuum deal

Neato Robotics Neato D7: $449.99

Neato Robotics Neato D7: was $449.99 now $179.99 at Lowes
A robot vacuum cleaner with 60% / $270 off the original price makes the possibility of automated cleaning more of a reality. LaserSmart mapping and navigation combined with corner clever technology promises to track down dirt, hair, and allergens, and virtual no-go lines tell it where not to go, so you know it’ll return home after finishing the job. If that mega saving doesn't cinch the deal for you, shipping is free or you can select free store pickup where available.

If you’re concerned about getting an older robot vacuums, there are quite a few alternatives on sale. For example, you can find plenty of Roomba Black Friday Deals with up to 45% off, though you won’t find anything this cheap unless it was already a budget model. If you’re looking for a more current member of Neato’s lineup, you’ll see sales, albeit not as big, on all their offerings.

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