LG's stunning new Gram SuperSlim laptop comes with a free $350 monitor today

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If you're looking for a new ultrabook, LG has just released a compelling option in the form of the new LG Gram SuperSlim - a laptop that not only carries the latest Core i7 chipset and an OLED display, but weighs in at just 2.7 pounds.

Starting at $1,699, LG is currently throwing in a free LG Gram +View portable monitor as a nice little bonus for early adopters. Considering this monitor is specifically designed to work with LG's excellent Gram laptops and costs a hefty $350 by itself, we'd say this is a compelling bundle deal and well worth a look if you want a powerful laptop that looks great and features unrivalled portability.

LG Gram SuperSlim with free monitor deal

LG Gram SuperSlim 15.6-inch laptop: starting at $1,699.99 at LG
free monitor worth $349.99

LG Gram SuperSlim 15.6-inch laptop: starting at $1,699.99 at LG
Order a brand new LG Gram SuperSlim laptop at the official LG site today and get a free monitor worth $349.99. With a gorgeous OLED panel, speedy 13th-gen Core i7 chip, and absurdly thin (under 0.43 inches) design, the LG Gram SuperSlim is amongst the thinnest and lightest ultrabooks you can buy right now. While on the pricey end, this introductory promotion is excellent value with an extremely useful accessory for both professional and casual use.

The new LG Gram SuperSlim is available in two configurations: one with 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD for $1,699, and a higher-end 32GB RAM version with a 2TB SSD for $1,999. Both configurations come with a speedy Intel Core i7-1360P processor and a lavish 1080p 15.6-inch OLED display. 

As of yet, we haven't reviewed this particular model here at TechRadar since it's just been released, but we have reviewed several other Gram models over the years and consistently found them among the best ultrabooks you can buy. 

By far and away the biggest selling point of the new LG Gram SuperSlim is its absurdly thin design, which at just 0.43 inches thick, beats out even the MacBook Air M2. Despite having a powerful Core i7 chipset, the LG SuperSlim also weighs just 2.7 pounds, which is particularly impressive for a relatively expansive 15.6-inch laptop. 

The free monitor being offered with this bundle deal is the LG Gram +view - a portable monitor that's specifically designed to work with Gram laptops. At 16 inches, it's a sizeable yet thin piece of tech that's perfect for professional deskwork with its ISP panel and 1600p resolution. 

Again, we haven't reviewed this particular unit at TechRadar but it does look like a fantastic freebie considering it costs $349 new and will look great paired up with a SuperSlim laptop. 

A little too pricey? We've rounded up a few more of today's best laptop deals just down below.

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