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iPhone SE deals: get the best prices and plans for April 2021

iPhone SE deals prices
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We've rounded up all the nation's best iPhone SE deals right here on this page for our readers who want an Apple device, but don't want to break the bank. Initially released last year, the iPhone SE still reigns as the budget Apple champ for 2021, not least because it weighs in at around half the cost of some of the new 12-series devices. IPhone SE deals are particularly generous too, giving you plenty of options to bag this device for completely free... with a few steps of course.

The iPhone SE 2020 manages to pack in some seriously powerful components for the price, kept down thanks to Apple's re-use of the venerable old iPhone 8 chassis. Featuring a physical home button with Touch ID, inside you're getting a brand new A13 Bionic chip and the device now supports wireless charging as well. The display is 4.7-inches and you've got the choice of three colors right now: black, white, and Product Red. You've also got the choice of three storage configurations: 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB - which are priced accordingly. Lastly, the iPhone SE 2020 totes a versatile camera system, with a 7MP front-facing facing camera, a 12MP rear camera, and full support for 4K recording.

The iPhone SE normally retails for around $399 currently on its baseline 65GB model. Those prices expand to $449 and $549 for the expanded 128GB and 256GB version but the good news is there's plenty of discounts available across the whole range. Apple especially has a fantastic trade-in program that can give you an upfront saving of up to $500 depending on your old phone. What's more, now the long-awaited iPhone 12 launch has finally dropped, with the iPhone 12 Mini joining it as another 'budget' option, we could potentially be looking at further price drops really soon.

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The best iPhone SE deals

The best iPhone SE deals from carriers

Apple iPhone SE: $16.66/mo free with a new unlimited plan at Verizon
Verizon has offered free iPhone SE deals with every new unlimited data plan for some time now - very, very generous compared to most of the carrier's deals indeed. Even better still, no trade-ins are required here to be eligible, so it's definitely one of the better options at Verizon for iPhone fans on a budget.View Deal

Apple iPhone SE: $16.66/mo $5/mo with a new unlimited plan at AT&T
AT&T's iPhone SE deals are also competitive this week, although we have seen the carrier offer this device for free with the combination of a trade-in and new unlimited plan before. Right now, you can pick this device up for just $5 a month with a new unlimited plan, which is still a very good promotion overall. View Deal

Apple iPhone SE: $47 $30/mo at Mint Mobile
Mint Mobile is a great prepaid carrier that's offering an exclusive, all-inclusive, iPhone SE deal right now that includes both a device and a 4GB data plan over two years for just $30 a month. That might seem pricey compared to the above deals from the bigger carriers, but factor in their unlimited data plans costing around $70 on average by themselves then you've got a great option here.
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Apple iPhone SE: $399 $279 with trade-in at Apple
For unlocked iPhone SE deals, your options are definitely more limited - especially since Apple itself is more or less the only retailer that sells new devices. Don't be discouraged though - the retailer offers its own trade-in service that can knock a whole $120 off the cost of your new device, which can bring that cost down really, really low.View Deal

Apple iPhone SE: $399.99 $249.99 at Boost Mobile
Alongside Mint, Boost Mobile is another good prepaid carrier to consider - especially since it's offering hefty price cuts on iPhone SE deals right now. Boost's prepaid plans are especially good if you're looking for a flexible family or 2-line option as it allows you to bundle in extra lines at really reasonable rates.
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Apple iPhone SE: $349 $199 at Straight Talk Wireless
Keeping with our theme of cheap prepaid carriers, Straight Talk Wireless also has a hefty price cut on all iPhone SE deals this week. You'll have to be purchasing your device with a plan here to get your discount, but this is another top option for those on a budget.View Deal

Apple iPhone SE: $249 $49.99 at Cricket Wireless
The cheapest price for an upfront iPhone SE deal this week belongs to Cricket Wireless, however - another great prepaid option for those who really want to keep those bills down low. The bad news? This one is only eligible if you're bringing your number over to their service. Still, this one's a good option if you're going prepaid.
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Apple iPhone SE: $50 Mastercard and Fire TV stick with switch at Visible
Visible is a great carrier to consider if you like your plans simple and your data unlimited. At just $40 a month its unlimited prepaid plan is an excellent pairing with any iPhone SE, and, right now if you're switching over from another carrier Visible will also give you a free Fire TV stick and a $150 Mastercard too - some great freebies.View Deal

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