Insane Samsung OLED deal: get a whopping AU$1,699+ off at JB Hi-Fi, today only

Samsung S95B deal
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With Christmas just under two weeks away, Boxing Day sales are all set to launch the day after, but Santa has arrived early via JB Hi-Fi with exceptional savings on the top-quality Samsung S95B OLED TV. Picked out by us as one of the best TVs in Australia, the Samsung S95B is the clear pick for the best OLED TV on offer from the South Korean tech giant.

As a part of JB Hi-Fi’s one-day only Wicked Wednesday savings, you can now land one for your living room with a discount of over AU$1,699 attached. With prices for the S95B in both 55-inch and 65-inch sizes already slashed by AU$1,500 each, adding the code 92WICKEDWED10 at checkout will save you an additional 10% on top. But hurry as this offer, as we’ve just mentioned, is for today (December 14) only!

Samsung 65-inch S95B OLED TVAU$4,495AU$2,695.50 at JB Hi-Fi
One day only

Samsung 65-inch S95B OLED TV | AU$4,495 AU$2,695.50 at JB Hi-Fi (save AU$1,799.50 with code)

As a quantum dot OLED TV, the S95B stands ahead of the OLED pack in terms of brightness and makes its presence felt in terms of performance too. As we summarised in our review, “we're looking at a TV that has had the kitchen sink thrown at it”. For one-day only you can save AU$1,799.50 on the S95B in its 65-inch size or AU$1,699.50 on the 55-inch screen when adding code 92WICKEDWED10 at checkout.

Making no bones about it, the Samsung S95B is a seriously impressive TV. Marrying OLED and QLED technologies, the screen performance boasts dynamic colours and excellent brightness with unique depth and contrast. Overall performance is a dream too thanks to the S95B’s Neural Quantum Processor, which allows it to operate smoothly regardless of what you throw at it.

If the general premium performance of the S95B weren’t enough, gamers will be pleased to discover even more on offer for them as well. Four HDMI ports, all supporting 4K at 120Hz feature here, with variable refresh rate, automatic low latency mode and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technology tagging along for the ride.

The S95B is also a powerhouse in the audio department, not satisfied with just Dolby Atmos decoding support but also throwing in Samsung’s Object Tracking Sound technology. The latter allows the TV’s in-built sound to use the S95B’s processing power to track positional sound effects more accurately and encourage deeper overall immersion for your viewing experience.

The S95B is a TV not to be missed if you can afford it, and affording it is now a whole lot easier for one day only, so act fast if this one is right for you.

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