Huge Apple Watch 7 deals at Amazon slash $70 off for the 4th of July sales

Apple Watch 7 deal from TechRadar
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The Apple Watch 7 is, from a technical perspective, the best Apple Watch. It’s the most up-to-date, powerful version of the Watch yet, but at its usual premium price, it’s not always the best value for money. So when we spotted these deal in the 4th of July sales, we had to shout about it. 

Right now at Amazon, you can save $70 across all Apple Watch 7 models. The GPS-enabled 41mm smaller size is normally sold at $399.99, but can now be found for just $329.99. To get a model of the same size capable of both GPS and cellular data, you wouldn’t normally find it for less than $499.99, but thanks to the $70 discount, Amazon is now offering the cellular 41mm Apple Watch 7 for $429.99

The larger 45mm versions of the watch also get the same $70 discount: the GPS-only version is on sale for $359 (down from $429), and the GPS and cellular model can now be bought at $459 - the cheapest this watch has ever been - rather than paying the full $529. If you’re looking for an Apple Watch 7, this is the deal to get. 

All watches come in a wide variety of colorways, but several are currently sold out, which changes depending on your preferred model. We recommend scrolling through your model of choice and checking which of the available colorways suit your taste the best. 

The other thing to bear in mind is that this deal is a flat $70 discount across all watches rather than a percentage price cut, so you’ll get more bang for your buck if you opt for one of the smaller, cheaper watches. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t get a great deal on one of the larger watches – with Amazon Prime Day on the horizon, this deal might be equaled, or even bettered, in a week’s time. 

Check out the watch deals in full below:

Amazon 4th of July Apple Watch 7 deals

Apple Watch 7, GPS, 41mm: $399.99

Apple Watch 7, GPS, 41mm: $399.99 $329.99 at Amazon
Save $70
on the cheapest Apple Watch 7 of the bunch, which still retains all its impressive internal features including the ECG scanning function, blood oxygen sensor, calls, texts, GPS, and the Apple Watch ecosystem. 

Apple Watch 7, GPS & cellular, 41mm: $499.99

Apple Watch 7, GPS & cellular, 41mm: $499.99 $429.99 at Amazon
The addition of cellular data on the Apple Watch 7 adds $100 to the RRP. You can eliminate most of that additional cost with this great deal, all in a colorway of your choice.  

Apple Watch 7, GPS, 45mm: $429

Apple Watch 7, GPS, 45mm: $429 $359 at Amazon
Not only does the 45mm have a larger screen (always a bonus on touch-screen watches) but the battery is also larger, meaning you should get a little more juice out of your watch day-to-day. A steal for only $359.

Apple Watch 7, GPS & cellular, 45mm: $529

Apple Watch 7, GPS & cellular, 45mm: $529 $459 at Amazon
The very top-end of Apple Watches, this is the cheapest the premium 45mm Apple Watch 7 has even been. If you want the best and biggest Apple Watch, this is the deal to get. 

In our review, we said the Apple Watch 7 is an incremental increase over the Apple Watch 6, but it still packs a wide variety of features and has Apple’s latest technology baked in - not to mention a 20% larger screen. 

Normally, we might recommend holding off until Prime Day to get the Apple Watch 6 or Apple Watch SE at a ludicrously low price, but if you want a 7 (especially the 45mm, which has never been seen at this price before) we'd say snap this deal up while it lasts.  

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