The best Google Wi-Fi deals and prices in September 2018

Google Wi-Fi deals, Google wifi price

If you're looking to give your Wi-Fi a much-needed boost then these Google Wi-Fi deals are our most highly-recommended option. Google Wi-Fi is what's known as a mesh Wi-Fi network system and is built around catering to the needs of our increasingly smart and data hungry devices. Speaking of which, have you seen the latest Google Home deals?

Mesh networks allow you to replace any broadband router you already have at home with a specialist networking device like Google Wi-Fi and also set up extra units around your home. This is fantastic for increasing the signal around larger homes, through thicker brick walls, heavy plaster or reaching traditional deadzone areas far from your router like basements and attics.

Using the Google Wi-Fi app, you can also monitor Wi-Fi by device and add parental controls. You can also avoid data throttling automatically to ensure nobody hogs all the bandwidth. We're big fans of being able to do the opposite and ensure key devices are allowed an extra boost too - it's great for online gaming.

The Google Wi-Fi two-pack below (also known as the Twin or Dual packs) is currently only widely available in the UK. But there doesn't seem to be any standardised discount for this pack, so you're not losing out by having to buy two singles in the USA or Australia.